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24h IT Monitoring

24 hours a day monitoring of the IT infrastructure

We monitor key elements of the IT environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to quickly identify and solve the problem before it becomes a cause of a malfunction and downtime in the everyday work of our Customers.

What areas of IT do we monitor?

24 hours a day monitoring of the IT infrastructure includes:

  • customer’s network environment
  • switche type network devices, routers, firewalls
  • correct operation of servers and services, which are available on them
  • Internet connections
  • correctness of the operation of the equipment: memory, discs, processors
  • disc usage (reminder if it exceeds the assumed threshold)
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How do we monitor the customer’s IT environment?

Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure is possible thanks to advanced tools (Nagios), which allow the administrators to control the work of the defined resources and areas of the IT environment. The scope of the activities undertaken in the case of a malfunction is strictly defined with the Customer when monitoring is initiated and is described by a procedure which sets out next steps for taking action. Only such a connection of technological resources and human resources guarantees quick detection of threats and IT safety of the Client.

All Nagios system messages regarding the departures from the defined patterns are diagnosed by our highly skilled team of IT specialists and are quickly repaired. Additionally, when errors are detected, persons indicated by the customer are informed. Data about all those events are stored in the database, which allows for an analysis of service and maintenance statistics as well as the level of performed IT support services. Each Customer has his own caretaker who is responsible for servicing, routine control visits, supervision of the work of the specialist team. Apart from constant IT monitoring,  we ensure preventive visits of our Consultants. The helpdesk application remains also at your disposal 24 hours a day / 7 days a weak.

Benefits of conducting the IT monitoring 24 hours a day

  • Detecting errors in the areas of the IT environment and efficient removal of problems before they are noticed by the Customer and his employees.
  • Reducing downtime and business losses.
  • Reducing the costs of IT support via the pro-active mechanism of error identification.
  • Constant supervision over the IT environment and increased safety of data processing.
  • The possibility of generating reports regarding malfunctions of particular areas of IT and creating, thanks to them, maintenance procedures and removal of potential errors.
  • Technical and architectural analysis of IT devices.
  • Possibility of optimal planning of the development of IT infrastructure.


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