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Administration Linux

Administration and operation of the Linux/Unix system

We deal with comprehensive administration of servers and workstations based on Linux/Unix system. We have a dedicated team of IT specialists with well-established technical knowledge, supported by certificates and long-term experience.

We specialize in setting up, configuring and administering different Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat, etc. Furthermore, we design, implement and manage services installed on Linux/Unix servers, such as:

  • e-mail
  • www servers
  • files server
  • catalogue services
  • virtual machine hosts
  • backup copies servers
  • aplication servers
  • version management systems
  • proxy
  • advanced security monitoring of servers and networks.

As Linux/Unix servers administrators, we provide high efficiency and safety of server devices. Constant monitoring and preventive visits of our specialists at the Customer’s make it possible to minimize the risk of errors and breakdowns.

For years, we have been providing services to companies where all server devices and workstations are based on the Linux system. Customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our IT outsourcing services is confirmed by numerous credentials which can be found here.

Contact us on Linux/Unix services. Also, ask about our other IT outsourcing services.

Head Office – Warsaw tel. +48 22 335 28 00

Department – Cracow tel. +48 12 362 30 03

Department – Gdynia tel. +48 58 694 70 71

e-mail:   support@so.com.pl


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