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IT audit

IT audit – what is this?

IT audit illustrates the current state of IT infrastructure and is the basis for a reliable assessment of management, usage and security of company data and software legality. An exact verification of IT environment allows for detection of deficiencies and avoidance of failure and crisis situation.  Prevents loss of classified information, unwanted expenditure, and ensures smooth operation of the company.

How is the IT audit conducted?

IT audit is carried out within the shortest possible period of time by our highly qualified IT professionals, taking into account international standards, i.e.  ITIL and ISO 27001. Once the IT audit is completed, a concise and comprehensible report is prepared; it contains a description of the actual status of Customer’s infrastructure, a description if identified irregularities and recommendation of changes.

Types of IT audits

IT audit covers control of key technical and administrative aspects in terms of the proper functioning of an organization. Due to the diversity of IT environments at companies, the ultimate scope of the audit is determined on individual basis.

  • Audit of hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Audit of software licensing
  • Audit of LAN / WAN security
  • Control of applied backup and data recovery solutions
  • Audit of procedures / work solutions at IT department – the so-called “service delivery”

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