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IT Products & Services

In addition to comprehensive IT support and projects, Support Online offers individual IT products and IT services. As a result ofcooperation with IT market leaders, we provide efficient and modern solutions. The main areas of our expertise are illustrated by following diagram.


Our offer is addressed to companies and institutions that look for a secure and efficient server solution. We specialize in supporting cluster solutions and servers for files, e-mail, applications, terminals, databases, ftp and backup servers. We offer the best hardware and appropriate software. We use server virtualization, which more uses hardware resources more efficiently while reducing costs. We offer the purchase of equipment and server applications as well as full service, from design through implementation and configuration to server administration. The experience and expertise of our engineers will allow for quick and comfortable implementation of necessary solutions.


Modern offices cannot function without computer equipment. We provide assistance in the processes of selection, configuration and start-up of the appropriate IT equipment. This mainly includes PCs, laptops and netbooks, as well as multifunction printing devices, additional accessories and software. We deliver the ordered items and offer implementing them into your IT infrastructure, providing staff training or managing the solution.



Our business also includes comprehensive telephone solutions based on Internet connection. We offer services such as the design and implementation of VoIP solutions, the configuration of the Asterisk system and the management and optimization of the system. We also provide highest-quality hardware, software and accessories. We often support Internet phone networks with analog or digital lines. We join branch offices in the company into one telephone network, which allows you to make free calls in the network regardless of the location of individual institutions.


We offer a full package of IT services and products associated with the preparation, implementation, maintenance and securing the access to the corporate network. We offer both wired and wireless networks. All network communication solutions we build and design are based on brand-name products from companies such as CISCO, 3COM, D-LINK, HP, INTEL, KRONE, LEGRAND or MOLEX. We modify and optimize pre-established networks. Our team of specialists provides professional and efficient execution of these projects.


All of our Customers have the possibility of using remote computer assistance. The IT helpdesk for users is open 24/7. Customers are also supported by our consultant’s preventive visits, which include cleaning equipment and uploading updates. In addition, we monitor key processes and devices in your company, which helps in eliminating dangers and avoiding accidents. We have a central notification system and we provide full reports for our Customers, which contain all carried out activities. In the “Customer Area”, invoices and other documents (offers etc.) are available.


We offer a complete solution for creating backups from PCs and laptops. It is a system dedicated mainly to small and medium-sized companies, who store very important or strategic data in files and folders on employees’ computers – and in case of system failure or power outage, all data could be lost (for example due to hard drive damage). SBBS is also used as a perfect complement to backup solutions for large enterprises (branches, local subsidiaries). In accordance with our Customers’ needs, we merge the configured device into their existing network. Installing additional software on computers and notebooks is not necessary. Copying files from the workstations is done automatically. System kopi zapasowych


Our offer is flexible – we have different rules of cooperation for small and large companies. We provide fast response, quick remote assistance and professional service. 


Feel free to contact us:
tel:  + 48 22 335 28 00
e-mail:   support@support-online.pl



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