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IT Projects

Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to implement advanced IT projects. We provide our Customers with the best business practices, optimal and efficient IT solutions and full IT support. We design and implement modern IT solutions to-order, adapting them to dynamic changes in the company. All our services are highly flexible and open, which means you can make adjustments without disrupting their regular activities. The specificity of the IT projects realized by Support Online requires four steps of implementation, which are described below.

IT Projects



This is the key element of fulfilling the Customer’s order. At this stage, we make a careful analysis of both the business needs of our Customer as well as of the existing IT infrastructure. We design functional and efficient solutions, taking into account the necessary software and hardware, the complexity of the project, the possibilities of optimizing it in the future and any other factors the Customer or the nature of the solution may require. Upon finishing each project, we draw up detailed documentation, necessary to implement the subsequent phases.



After completing the design stage of the project, our team begins the implementation in accordance with ITIL standards. Depending on the complexity of the project, it may be divided into modules. At this stage, we define the work schedule and control its implementation. Then begins the realization of individual modules, which the team leader supervises to keep the progress both timely and effective. We provide our Customers with ongoing reporting and a list of the activities that have been carried out and those which are still to be done. Once implementation is complete, our specialists test its effectiveness and efficiency and introduce any necessary adaptive modifications. After the solution is implemented, the Customer receives full documentation, which describes the technologies that were used, hardware and software.


The Customer can give us the role of solution administrator. Not only do we grant authorities and create new accounts, but also introduce updates, necessary modifications, we care for constant and secure access to applications and systems and give users the unlimited care over implemented IT projects. We monitor key processes and the equipment needed to run them. We also examine the efficiency and effectiveness of our modifications – it may be that they company had experienced strong employment growth, making an improvement of the solution and an increase in its performance necessary. That leads us to the next stage – optimization.


Design and implementation base on the factual IT infrastructure and the needs of our Customers. After installation, we usually take care of administration of the solution, we control its effectiveness and test performance. When a company develops over time, the once appropriate projects aren’t effective enough. Our team analyzes data through reports on the administration level and offers modifications to our Customers. They are made to maintain the strength of the solution on a level consistent with the original design goals. Optimization is an additional process that depends on informed decisions made by our Customers and does not necessarily have to be associated with a project that we implemented. We optimize the solutions implemented and administered by other companies or by the Customer’s IT department.


Our offer is flexible and extensive in IT areas. Our team is trained in a full range of IT services, but we most often deal with the areas shown on the diagram. Find out more by clicking the appropriate area on the diagram below.


  • Managing domains and their migration.
  • Implementation of VPN solutions.
  • IT Environment virtualization.
  • Development and implementation of cluster solutions.
  • Migration of the MS Exchange environment.
  • Telephone solutions for multiple locations.
  • Implementation of communication solutions based on SharePoint technologies.
  • Backup system – SBBS.

Contact us – our representative will design a solution in accordance with the requirements and needs of your business.

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