As an IT company boasting many years’ experience, Support Online offers also training in the field of cybersecurity. Until recently, cybersecurity courses were dedicated mainly to IT specialists. Nowadays, security in business is extremely important, which is why many companies decide to train their employees. “Cybersecurity course” has been one of the most frequently searched phrases lately. This is an effect of the growing numbers of hacker attacks, which have become a serious threat on the Internet. Their consequences for companies can be, among others:

  • data encryption
  • loss of company resources
  • financial losses

Therefore, it is extremely important to train the employees in the field of the best practices of security. Development of good habits will make it possible to enhance security in the company and to protect it from cyber attacks. Company’s cybersecurity is one of the most important elements ensured by our IT support. Our trainers acquire knowledge and experience through numerous courses and everyday work with the customers. Thanks to that our training courses address the most frequent needs of companies representing various business sectors.


We address our offer to all private and public sector companies which would like to raise their employees’ awareness and thereby ensure data security. A cybersecurity course is a good way to train the management staff and the employees. Your organisation will benefit from the ability of your employees to identify typical threats. Entities handling sensitive data, which process data requiring particular protection on a daily basis, should use the possibilities provided by our cybersecurity course too. The training will improve the level of your employees’ awareness and enhance their practical skills, which will allow them to protect your company from threats coming from the Internet.


Cybersecurity training should focus primarily on the areas of the company’s everyday activities. At present, most training initiatives regarding threat awareness focus on phishing. Users are tricked into clicking a malicious attachment or URL, unintentionally opening the door to hackers. The fundament of our cybersecurity training is raising employees’ awareness of potential threats. We offer a broad range of topics, to which employees should draw particular attention. These include:

  • Spear phishing, ransomware, phishing, DDOS
  • How do hackers phish data?
  • How to recognise attacks?
  • Protection of email application
  • How to recognise a false email?
  • Information interception
  • Encrypted connections
  • Cookies
  • Practical methods of defending against attacks
  • How to protect access to company data correctly?
  • Information flow control
  • Data carrier security
  • Data encryption
  • Antivirus software
  • Hardware use standards
  • Legal sources
  • Ongoing software validity monitoring
  • Authentication methods and authorisation
  • Password manager
  • Correct data deletion
  • Password-protected files
  • Data sharing applications
  • Security in the office
  • Security outside the office
  • Internal threats
  • Trust between employees

Thanks to the continuous process of user training they can be informed about new data phishing methods and prevents confidential information leaks. If security of your company is important to you, consider training for your employees. How much does a cybersecurity course cost? Contact us to discuss details of cooperation.

Cybersecurity – report

If you ever have wondered how to examine the awareness level of your employees, then we have a solution for you. The cybersecurity course can be complemented by anti-phishing tests. This is a good way to check vulnerability to Internet fraud. The tests consist in sending prepared emails to force the user to perform 3 actions:

  • open the email
  • click the included link
  • enter the login (and password)

Every action is registered and included in the report. Thanks to that we can precisely determine the vulnerability of your organisation to phishing attacks and indicate easy targets of such attacks. Anti-phishing protection is a useful ability – the tests will inform you about its level among your employees.

More details about the cybersecurity course and phishing tests can be found on our website dedicated to the topics of cybersecurity –

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