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IT consulting – IT audit

An IT outsourcing company, while providing IT support, acts in two fields. The one is IT infrastructure maintenance, while the other is IT consulting aimed to ensure the customer’s business development and take all measures to enhance IT security guaranteeing the customer’s data security.

At the beginning of the IT support, an IT audit (security audit) is always carried out.

We verify the entire customer’s infrastructure, e.g. physical access to server rooms, IT security from the outside – configuration of edge devices, VPN, configuration of servers, backup, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), licencing, configuration of PCs, antivirus protection etc.

The audit result is a report showing the company’s IT condition. The report contains proposed changes, which are recommended to introduce in order to support the business and to enhance the IT security. Most frequent recommendations:

– changes in the policy of physical access to servers, – implementation of group work based on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Planner…, – changes in the backup policy and implementation of data replication, – preparation of a disaster recovery plan (DRP), – tightening of the authorisation assignment policy, the password and resource access policy, – implementation of a secure platform for the home office (Fortigate/Cisco routers, VPNs, terminal work, securing the computers), – use of colocations, dedicated servers, cloud backup service, cloud replication,

And many more…

IT Consulting – example activities

IT consulting is sometimes treated as computer consulting. What computer to choose? What software to buy? Support Online has provided IT support for business for more than twenty years. Our consultants, engineers and sales representatives understand the business of our customers. The IT consulting service aims to support business so that the company works more efficiently, quickly and securely and is fail-safe. After following through the recommendations from the IT audit, we guarantee that the work at the company will be streamlined. Often changes can appear quite drastic. Let’s consider a company that manages a few hotels. The company management was used to the local operation of the servers along with the hotel management systems. This was supposed to mitigate the risk that a hotel guest waits to be served when there is no Internet access. However, the costs of hardware and licences were tripled in effect. We proposed to move servers to a colocation, change the Internet provider to Netia, which delivered an MPLS link with redundancy. Every router has 2 WANs. One supports the fibre-optic cable and the other an LTE board. If the main link fails, the router automatically switches the traffic over to the LTE board together with the VPN to the colocation. Such a solution ensures IT security: dedicated servers in a secure colocation, a redundant Internet link, a considerable reduction of IT costs. What was left was to configure the server replication and to deploy cloud backup.

IT consulting services understood in this way work perfectly.

Another example of changes in the company, recommended by an IT consulting company, is implementation of group work. The project covered migration of emails to Microsoft 365, relocation of key resources to SharePoint and use of Teams for implementation of group work for the employees working in the office and from home. The whole was executed many times by Support Online, which specialises in IT support and offers IT consulting. However, the customer’s requirement that SharePoint files could be shared only with the company employees was problematic. We had to find a file sharing tool which did not involve SharePoint. The IT security of data was a priority. The system had to be fully private and managed by our customer. For this purpose, we used NextCloud, a Linux-based application. We installed the software on a virtual machine placed in a colocation. We deployed the solution, trained the person to manage the file sharing in the organisation, and of course configured the backup.

Thanks to the cooperation with numerous companies worldwide, Support Online has experienced personnel, offers IT consulting services and provides IT support, in particular administration support for its customers at a world-class level.

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