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Server administartion in the outsourcing model  

Server administration has been on Support Online’s offer since the very beginning. This service was rather unpopular still a few years ago compared e.g. to the end-to-end IT support. The number of requests for server support pricing have been growing considerably for three or four years.

Our experience reveals that the increasing popularity of the server administration service provided by a third party IT company is connected with:

In the traditional model, companies employed their own administrators to handle server management. However, nowadays this model often no longer satisfies the needs of companies. At this point we proceed to the topic of advantages resulting from the server management services offered by Support Online.

Advantages of the outsourcing model  

The popular opinion is that the first and foremost advantage of the server administration service provided by a third party is: “THAT IS CHEAPER”. However, our experience indicates something completely different. The customers that use this service provided by Support Online point above all to such advantages as:

1. Response time

Over the years we have worked out a mode of conduct that ensures a quick response to the occurring issues related to server operation. Our entire response system is composed of a properly calibrated IT monitoring mechanism and an operating procedure in case of failure. Each, even slightest, incident is registered along with the log of all remedial actions taken. Our customers have online access to the reporting system and can verify our response time on an ongoing basis.

2. Proactivity

Response time is only a part of success. Our customers highly appreciate the proactivity of Support Online. This means that we take measures on our own and do not wait for the customer to report an issue. Thanks to that we ensure IT system operation continuity without unnecessarily engaging the time of our customers.

It should be noted here that many offers advertised as “dedicated server with administration” refer to a completely different service than that provided by Support Online. Such offers require an active involvement of the customer and reporting incidents or failures each time – there is no proactivity there.

3. 24/7 mode

We provide the server administration service in the 24/7 mode. Support Online has a specialised consultant team working in the three-shift system. The primary tasks of these employees include remote support of the servers belonging to our customers. In the case of crises, where an on-site intervention is required, Support Online ensures the availability of qualified staff also in the 24/7 mode.

4. Guaranteed care of backup copy

The most important task of every server administrator is to take care of the backup copy. This means in practice the necessity to check the correctness of the created backup at least on a daily basis, so that the server operation can be always restored in case of critical failure (e.g. data loss as a result of cyber attacks, file encryption as a result of a phishing attack, intentional action of a user etc.). Support Online guarantees in the agreement that it is responsible for the correctness of the backup copy.

5. Guarantee of routine activities

Apart from the above-mentioned care of the backup copy, the server administrator’s tasks include in particular updating the operating system and installing security patches. A very high priority is attached to these tasks due to the growing activity of cyber criminals. Unfortunately, many administrators do not perform them because they are time-consuming, hoping that no-one will detect this. Support Online issues a written guarantee of regular performance of the indicated activities.

6. Sensitive data security

Server administration entails the necessity to have access passwords. More and more customers notice the internal procedures and standards of the IT company that is in possession of such access credentials. Sometimes even an IT security audit of the prospective contracting party is required before signing the server administration agreement. Support Online has implemented information security management standards and has held an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate since 2016.

7. Specialist knowledge

This is the only advantage of an outsourcing company that is difficult to measure, but is crucial to many customers. Services provided by Support Online’s certified IT administrators include in particular:

Thanks to the administration of hundreds of servers, we boast very extensive and practical knowledge, which allows us to solve unusual problems quickly and effectively.

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