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Cloud services and solutions for business

Private cloud for business – secure, economical and flexible IT environment for your company.

Our offer includes end-to-end cloud services guaranteeing environment isolation through:

Cloud computing services, cloud for business, family cloud, private cloud, AWS cloud, Microsoft cloud, Google cloud …. There are clouds everywhere so there is plenty of choice but do we know what to choose?

How was the cloud created

A few years ago, the following services were the predecessors of the cloud:

You did not have to own a server with a running Linux environment to activate these basic IT services for business. You used to pay a hosting company a yearly subscription for the number of email accounts and the occupied space. What was available was a database service and a website configuration and management system (often WordPress). The hardware, operating system and basic configuration were provided by the hosting company.

The next stage was the era of VPSs (virtual private servers) – virtual machines, it was possible to select the processing capacity (vCPU), the RAM size and the drive storage space. They had a preinstalled operating system (most often Linux), basic applications and a simple database (MySQL/PostgreSQL). Mainly applications available on the Internet were installed on them.

Software developer companies began offering their products on the SaaS (software as a service) basis instead of selling licences. Application sharing is a cheaper and simpler alternative to licence purchase. And what is most important, you do not invest in hardware and software. You pay a monthly or yearly subscription for cloud services, e.g. CRM.

You pay for what you use.

Microsoft has also become a cloud service provider: started offering cloud solutions for business. The Azure platform was initially presented as a cloud development environment. Today it offers applications, virtual servers (VPS), databases, services, e.g. AD in the cloud, Intune and many more. Microsoft proposes also an end-to-end cloud group work solution for business: Microsoft 365, a suite of complementary applications: 

Other major suppliers, such as Google or Amazon, offer cloud solutions for business as well. There are cloud service providers that deliver solutions for managing specific services in the cloud, e.g. digital identity for business, offering tools for user and application authentication.

But what is the difference between the product by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, i.e. a public cloud, from the private cloud offered by e.g. Cloud4You? The key is the guaranteed isolation of customers’ environments.

The private cloud in Cloud4You, which is a subsidiary of Support Online, is based on dedicated servers and dedicated network devices. The customers’ IT environments are physically separated from one another. The private cloud for business constructed in this way fulfils all recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

In order to provide end-to-end cloud services we ensure data security. We offer cloud data backup with the Insider Protection option for the purpose of protection from encryption or malicious deletion of the backup. In addition, the demanding customers who regard business continuity as a priority can use the service of replication to a separate data centre. In order to meet the requirements of ISO27001 or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in 100%, we provide the possibility to make data copies to the LTO tape (up to 30 TB with compression per tape), which we will deliver securely to the customer’s headquarters. The cloud data storage service plus offline backup on the tape guarantees IT security of our customers. The private cloud for business makes use of dedicated servers. The servers are virtualised with the use of VMware or Hyper-V and shared in the form of virtual resources (vCPU, RAM and drive storage space). Fully managed by the customer’s engineers or optionally by Support Online’s engineers. Drive resources are available as a dedicated vSAN or as a dedicated RAID array and it is possible to expand by HDDs and SSDs.

To ensure cloud solutions for business – private cloud, we apply dedicated network devices with the use of Fortigate routers. We match the correct router capacity with the requirements of the cloud service. It is possible to configure a cluster of Fortigate routers for demanding environments.

A simple private cloud solution consists in servers that offer file resources – NextCloud. This cloud solution is based on the Linux operating system. It ensures data sharing within the company and outside with the customers. This cloud system is operated via a web browser. For this kind of cloud service we provide management by an administrator and backup.

Private cloud for business is the right tool to offer secure IT solutions and support, which drive business development for our customers.

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