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If IT hardware is destroyed, burnt or flooded, it can be repurchased, it has its price. Can you repurchase lost data? What is their cost? How to price them? It’s better not to let that happen. Data backup is a must have of every company.

Backup policy in the company

Data backup service, cloud data backup, SQL database backup, data backup to external drives and many more are ways to ensure data security in the company. The first stage of beginning of the IT support by Support Online is an IT audit (security audit). Following the IT audit, we present a report where one of the most important sections concerns data backup:

Customers often ask us to establish a new or change the existing backup policy after the audit in order to ensure IT security in their companies.

Cloud backup 

Together with our business partner, Cloud4You, we offer our customers an end-to-end backup service (BaaS) based on the cloud backup solution from the backup market leaders: Veeam, Nakivo.

Keeping backup copies outside the office is becoming a requirement rather than merely an option for many enterprises. The main factors behind this are: 

– backup protection from destruction (flooding, fire),

– security and protection from ransomware attacks. In the case of such attacks, very often apart from encryption of data the local backup copy is encrypted as well. In order to ensure security, we make cloud data backup with the Insider Protection option. It secures data found in the backup copy not only from hacker attacks but also from accidental deletion of data,

– Meeting the requirements imposed by security audits (ISO/GDPR) or by organisations subordinate to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority,

– Cloud backup storage replaces solutions based on traditional carriers: external tapes/drives taken away outside the company’s seat. This way the risk related to the transport of the carriers and the costs of their storage is reduced,

– An undoubted advantage is the scalability of space for data backup. It is possible to expand the cloud space and adjust it to the current needs overnight.  

– Possibility of long-term data archiving,

– Possibility to copy the data to the LTO-8 tape, up to 30 TB per tape (12 TB without compression), which we deliver to the customer’s seat.

By offering cloud data backup, we provide: 

– Single central tool making data backup easy to manage in the company, – Use of Veeam Cloud Connect as a certified Veeam partner, – Broad backup copy creation and recovery capabilities. Both for virtual and physical servers, – Security. The backup copy and the transfer are encrypted, the cloud backup copy is stored with the use of Insider Protection, – Cloud space adjusted to the data quantity and retention, – Data stored in two data centres located in Poland, – Support provided by our Engineers to launch the cloud backup, – Our offer includes also help to establish a disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Why is cloud data backup becoming so popular?

This popularity is determined by several factors. They can be described briefly as follows: • Costs of sending large quantities of data over the Internet have considerably decreased, • The speed of broadband links is growing continually, which facilitates daily transfers of gigabytes of data between the company headquarters and the cloud. • Costs of storage of huge amounts of data in the cloud are becoming lower and lower. • The cloud has a virtually unlimited capacity, and the storage space can be changed dynamically to ensure data backup.

The concept of hybrid cloud is becoming increasingly more popular. The local backup copy and the cloud data backup increase the IT security and accelerates data recovery. 

Time of data storage in the cloud

Time of data storage in the cloud Compliance with law is a significant challenge related to cloud data storage. The most regulations require data storage for a few years – often the period is seven years. Since the data space is virtually unlimited, we can meet this condition. Moreover we launched the possibility to copy the data to the LTO tape with the option of tape delivery to the company’s seat.

Properly configured service

Support Online has acted as an IT outsourcing company for more than 20 years. Our team includes experienced engineers, IT administrators, network technicians. We know how to implement a proper backup policy in our customers’ companies:

Our offer includes: 

Don’t forget about data on personal computers

Office 365, having the currently most popular system for group work does not release from the obligation to make a backup copy. We have launched the service called Cloud Data Backup with Email Archive.

Cloud Data Backup with Email Archive

We ensure end-to-end email archiving in the Software as a Service model 

The Email Archive service provides cloud data backup as well and offers end-to-end protection of all emails in the company. Thanks to that you no longer have to worry about losing important messages. We protect you even from a disloyal employee deleting the messages deliberately. 

How does Cloud Data Backup with Email Archive work? 

The service is based on Mailstore software. We support all email systems, including the most popular Microsoft Office 365, MS Exchange, G Suite, MDaemon, IceWrap, Kerio Connect. 

What do you gain by using Cloud Data Backup with Email Archive? 

Your data are priceless – if you apply proper solutions, such as a cloud backup copy, you will make them secure.

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