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In previous articles we described the recruitment and onboarding of new employees at Support Online. If you are curious about the continuation of these stories, go ahead and read the text below. You will learn about the everyday work in a First Line of Support team, the technical areas handled by Consultants, and how you can develop your skills here.

Processing user tickets

The main task of the First Line of Support employees is to receive and process user tickets. Support Online serves very diversified customers in terms of size and type of activity. So it is impossible to list all kinds of tickets submitted by the users. Anyway, this is the broadly understood helpdesk, and the topics of the tasks include in particular:

Active Directory (creating/deleting accounts and distribution groups, assigning and removing authorisations, etc.)

the administration side of the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 services

email (Outlook and other email clients)

network resources / drives

use of hardware (e.g. network printers)

solving ongoing problems of the users

To process these tickets we use an in-house application. Our ticketing system is not only a place for receiving questions and sending replies, but also a customer knowledge base. Thanks to that every team member knows where to find the key information and choose the appropriate solution for a given problem.

The support provided by the FLS is remote (ticketing system, telephone, TeamViewer), which is why work can be done completely on the Home Office basis.

IT helpdesk 24/7, or how is the work of the First Line of Support organised?

Support Online operates in the 24/7 mode. This means that the First Line of Support work is divided into 3 shifts. The rota is prepared well in advance, thanks to which our employees have no trouble reconciling work with other life activities. While arranging the schedule, the Team Leader always takes into account the requests and preferences of the team members.

It is important for us that the rota is prepared in a predictable and repeatable manner. We do our best to make sure that there are only up to 5 night shifts per month and that other shifts are distributed uniformly among all tam members. We prefer full-time employment. So if you are an extramural student, there will be no problem with adjusting the work to your university schedule.

Learning and development

The task of the First Line of Support team members is to receive and process user tickets. The range of issues faced by our employees is broad. Therefore, their technical knowledge has to be equally broad. We organise training and workshops, which let you acquire new knowledge and reinforce the existing one. In addition, we ensure as efficient information transfer between team members as possible and focus on continuous improvement of the documentation we use on a daily basis.

We understand development as acquiring knowledge and improving self-reliance and responsibility. This is why a promotion from the position of Consultant is very likely and desired (both by the employees and the company).

Work on the First Line of Support is a perfect place to begin your first professional steps in the area of IT. This is also a place where you can become familiar in practice with numerous IT solutions that are used in business. If you want to develop in this direction, do not hesitate to submit an application!

Joanna Gąsiorowska
HR Manager w Support Online


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